How Zapier got its first users?

zapier chat mvp

Bugs were flooding Zapier Beta. During Columbia's Startup Weekend, the original prototype was constructed in 54 hours.

Wade Foster, Bryan Helming, and Mike Knoop required people to test and provide comments on their program. Foster scanned tech forums for those interested in the methods of application integration. The links Foster shared gave him around 10-20 new visitors per each. Half of that number made a decision to check it out.

The entrepreneurs also requested a one-time payment to test their beta product. They didn't want to generate money from beta testing. They wanted Zapier to appear more "exclusive." Zapier early adopters were the founders’ main target as they aimed for Zapier growth. Zapier first users were supposed to help them improve their product. The first few customers paid $100, while the others paid $5-$10 each.


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