How Twitter got its first users?

Twitter MVP

Initially, Twitter was known as twttr. It was an app for broadcasting text messages. The Odeo team was its creators.

Odeo was nothing else than a podcast platform by Noah Glass. Its popularity plummeted once Apple released iTunes; no one wanted a software made exclusively for podcasts. Glass and his crew began conducting hackathons in order to survive, which is one of the key strategies of growth hacking. Then, Jack Dorsey, an Odeo employee, suggested something called twttr – a brand new product from Odeo. He got backed by Glass, who really liked the idea and saw the potential of using growth hacking strategies to grow the platform.

Initially intended for cooperation and internal communication, twttr was soon taken up by media outlets such as TechCrunch. It was responsible for twttr's first thousands of users. When the team purchased the domain, they renamed their product to Twitter as it is up to this day. This was a crucial move in the platform launch strategy.


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