How HEY Email got its first users?

HEY email MVP

The Basecamp staff was plagued with spam emails. Highrise was their tool of choice for team communication and management. They had no alternatives for getting in touch outside that system.

They began working on Haystack. Its main aim was business communication, such as reaching out to the press or getting app alerts. It could be any bothersome thing that annoyed Basecamp team members.

Highrise served as the foundation for Haystack. They ran it through their own chats and discussions. Soon, they renamed the project HEY and continued to work on the app.

One of the successful HEY email marketing strategies was that the creators often tweeted about HEY email. Both Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson had large personal brands on Twitter, with a combined 640,000 followers, which they could use to promote their new email software. Many of their followers wanted to try it out since it perfectly suited what they'd been preaching.

Another HEY email marketing strategy was launching an invitation-only waitlist. One week since the release of the app, they have already had 100,000+ individuals signed up.


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