How Google got its first users?

Google MVP

Larry Page and Sergey Brin started with BackRub, which was the origin of Google success story. It was a project Page worked on while he was studying at Stanford University, and it was using the university's website. The guys came up with a unique method called PageRank to rate websites based on links (not only keywords), which set them apart from other search engines at the time.

Having renamed to Google and using as their domain, they operated from a rented garage for $1,700 a month, where they established the website. With its improved results, Google quickly gained popularity and grew through word of mouth. During its early days, the company allowed companies to pay for higher search result placement, contributing to its customer acquisition success.

Google's innovative approach continued to pay off, securing deals with major companies such as Yahoo, Netscape, and AOL. For every 1,000 searches, the company received $8-$10, making the most out of its underestimated potential, and contributing to Google success story.


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