How Etsy got its first users?

Etsy MVP

Rob Kalim, a master of the woodworking arts, possessed a remarkable talent. He dared to dream of creating something truly unique, a PC encased entirely in wood, a concept that was foreign in a world filled with mass-produced technology. Kalim dubbed his creation "Etsy" in a nod to its singularity.

Etsy was intended to be a platform for the works of artisans and craftspeople, like Kalim himself. He was joined in his efforts by Chris Maguire and Haim Schoppik, who devoted six long weeks to crafting Etsy, putting in round-the-clock effort in Kalim's Brooklyn apartment to bring their vision to life and achieve success in the small business marketing.

Sarah Woodson, now the founder of Downing Pottery, was one of Etsy's earliest vendors, selling her handmade mugs to the online community. As more and more users flocked to Etsy, the team added a bunch of user-friendly features to attract even more artists and craftspeople, employing effective small business marketing techniques to drive growth. From coast to coast, they toured craft fairs, spreading the word about Etsy and building a reputation as a cool place to find handmade, one-of-a-kind items, contributing to Etsy's overall growth.

Etsy's creators also encouraged its users to connect with one another, allowing artisans and vendors to tag the fairs and events they participated in. This fostered a sense of community and allowed the artisans to connect with other like-minded individuals. They even leveraged social media to further promote their platform, helping to solidify its status as a hub for hip, handmade goods, and achieving sustainable growth for Etsy.


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