How AppSumo got its first customers?

Appsumo mvp

According to Noah Kegan, AppSumo launch cost him just $50. He wanted to make a website with special deals for premium services on different websites. He was searching the internet and found Reddit.

People on Reddit were posting lots of links with pics from Imgur Pro accounts. Noah saw a chance for his customer acquisition strategies and sent an email to Imgur's boss asking if they could make a deal. The boss said yes. Noah also sent a cold email to one of the Reddit bosses to ask if they could put an ad for AppSumo on their site. He even hired a web designer to make two ads, one for Reddit and a better one for Imgur.

Imgur's founder took $7 from each sale made through AppSumo (the price was $12.99) and the designer's rate was $12 per hour. Noah sent emails to everyone who bought the Imgur Pro accounts and gave them their own special registration codes.


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