Automation and Process Improvement consulting

Do you want to scale your business without hiring people?

Automate your repeatable tasks and focus on the most important aspects of your business

Who is it for:

  • A solopreneur, small business or startup that is struggling to meet their scaling needs or customer needs without hiring another full time employee.
  • They are able to run lean, but are capped at the revenue they are at with the employees they have. 
  • They realize the value of their time to make key decisions that can 10-100x their business, but are stuck with doing repetitive tasks to keep their business running
  • They want to figure out how to stay the same size they are (1, 10, 20, 50) while improving their process to eliminate repetitive work, delegate other work to VA's, or automate it with software they already use.

What results can you expect in a nutshell:

Saved at least 5 hrs each week implementing automation/process improvement systems

The process & delivery time:

  1. Describe your issues (written, loom, etc) 
  2. Receive proposal with payment options 
  3. Proceed with services

Initial Consult

1-2 weeks

  • getting to know the main problems 
  • observing how the department works

Process Improvement
Opportunities Discussion

<1 week

  • going over tasks and operational improvement recommendations (what they are and how to implement)

Self Implementation/
Contract Implementation

2-4 weeks

  • step by step plan on how to install and operate the systems,
  • building them myself or providing support to current employees on how to build and operate them


Depends on the project


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