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$100 Million In 3 Months By Serving Rural Communities


How To Monetize Fans And Grow To Over 100 Million Users


How To Promote A Blockbuster Using Memes


How To Set Up For 350M Gamers And Billions In Revenue


How A Pooping Unicorn Video Brought A 600% Increase In Sales


How A Public Service Announcement Become The Worldwide Sensation And Reached 28M Views Within 2 Weeks


How Your App Limitations Can Skyrocket Its Valuation To $100M In 4 Months


When A Marketing Campaign Goes Viral So Much It Paralyzes The Whole City For A Day


How To
Engineer Your Product For Virality And Become The Fastest Growing Startup Ever


How To Collect 1M Users Within 2 Years By Making Editing Simple


How An April Fools’ “Mini-Game” Kept Million People Engaged For 2 Months


Getting A Bootstrapped Tool To $14M Revenue In The First Year


How A Regular, Funny Guy Collected Over 70M Followers Within 30 Days


How 2 Million People Searched For A Girl’s Crush, Only To Find It’s An Ad


How To Land #1 Spot On App Store In 24 Countries In A Day (And Get Valued At $135M In Less Than A Week)


How To Reach $5B Market Cap With A Cryptocurrency 2 Months After Launch


How Suddenly 150 Million People Wanted To Be Old


How To Grow Businesses With Viral Stunts


How Low-Budget Marketing Led To 2.1 Million Copies Sold


How A Lad Dad's Song Became UK Singles Chart’s Christmas #1


How To Attract 4M People In 2 Months To A Political App


The Blueprint For The Most Successful YouTube Channels


How Influencer Collaboration Pushed Ice Cream Sales To 1M Pieces A Day



How A Scary Indie Game Become A Multimillion Dollars Franchise


How The Biggest Fad In History Was Made


From High School 3D Printer To $350k In 6 Weeks And Global Phenomenon


From A Local Skateshop To $2B Global Brand


How A Product Studio Makes Its Every Creation Go Viral - $200M Kind Of Viral


How To Get 50 Million Views In 5 Days


How A Niche Artist Sold His Work For Over $69,000,000


How The Launchpad For Viral Things Got Its First Millions Of Users


From A Local Community To 200+ Million Users While Hating Marketing


How The Giant Rose To The First Millions Of Users


How A Game Made $200k Within 12 Hours After Launch


How Bloggers Pushed A Platform To $40M Valuation Within A Year



Launching A Product Like A Boss – 14M Users In 3 Years


How A Polish Telecom Brand Got 300k Users In 1 Month


A New Messaging App That Shook The Status Quo


How People Began To Trade Digital Collectibles For Millions Of Dollars


How A New Browser Game Went From 10k To Over 10M Monthly Web Visits In 2 Months


How A ‘Useless’ Photo App Got Valued At $200M After Pivoting


How A High School Girl Gained Over 100M Followers On TikTok Within 1.5 years


From 0 To 100M Users In 500 Days And To 1B In Over 5 Years


How A Social Media Platform Grew To Over 200M Users In 2 Years (And Died A Year Later)


How To Create One Of The Biggest Newsletters In The World


How To Get From $0 To $100M In 37 Days


How To Build A $1B Unicorn With 10 People In Under A Year


How A Personal Brand And A Little Bit Of Humor Can Build A $610M Business


How A Group Of Redditors  Pumped Falling Stock Price Up By 1,700%


How A Low-budget Indie Game Sold Over 1M Copies In Five Months


How To Make $720k In A Month By Starting A New Restaurant Chain


How A Simple Mobile Game Became A Franchise Worth $1B


How To Get 100k Users Within A Week And 1B Valuation Within 1.5 Year


How A Polish Bank’s PR Crisis Led To Over 1M In Earned Media


How Advertising Campaigns Shaped The Modern, Global Image Of Santa Claus


How A Few Days Of Development Led To 113M Mobile Downloads


How To Gain 1.2B Impressions By Projecting Your Target Audience's Deepest Desires


How To Get From 0 To 15k Tweeter's Subscribers By Sales Pitching Your Crush


How To Make $280k Within A Month Selling Icons


How To Make $30M Within 9 Weeks On A Positivity-Focused App



How To Disrupt Social Media Giants By Offering The Freedom Of Speech


How To Earn $200M On A Mobile Game In Its First Month


How To Make $100k Within A Month By Promising “No More Sweaty Balls”


How A Peanut Butter Business Got From $7k To $1M In Sales Within 4 Months



How To Achieve 3900% Growth Within 15 Months


How The Camera Glasses And Vending Machines Became The Hottest Trend In The US Within Days


How To Get To #1 Place On App Store Within Weeks


How A simple Email Tagline Can Lead Your Business To $400M Valuation Within 1,5 Year


How To Amass Millions Of Followers Within Weeks By Becoming A Symbol Of Freedom


How An Indie Game Became A Global Phenomenon Within A Month And Hit 42M Downloads On Steam And 217M Downloads On Mobile


How A Single Billboard Can Make Over $86M In Earned Media In A Week


How Airbnb Founders Used Election Season To Kickstart Their Idea And Earn $30k Within A Week Selling Cereals


Elon Musk's Viral Personal Branding Worth $100B 


How To Make $100k On A WordPress Plugin Within 30 Days After Launch


How To Become TripAdvisor's No.1 Restaurant Without Having A Restaurant


How To Collect 2M Subscribers Within A Week


How To Collect 100k Emails In One Week


How To Use Art To Go Viral


How The 2-Minutes Relaxing Website Attracted 2M Users Within 10 Days


How To Make $3B Within 2 Years Sharing Group Selfies


How To Forge A Massive Career Out Of 1-Star Reviews


How To Receive Hundreds Of Job Offers Within 24h


How The Cube's Mystery Kept Millions Of People Engaged


How One Video Made A 21-Year-Old Girl The Face Of $16B Industry


How 2 Students Made $240k And Gained 750k Instagram Followers Within 24h


How To Earn $16k In 48h With SaaS Launch


How The Vikings, Laser Dinosaurs And Adolf Hitler Can Lead You To Hollywood


How An App Changed The Dating Culture And It’s Now Worth $10B


How To Get The Most Disliked Video On The Internet Within Days


How A Small Youtube Channel Grew To Over 2.5M Subs Within Months, Riding On A Viral Trend


How A 22-Year-Old Collected Over 39M Youtube Subscribers


How A Music Video Broke A Few Guinness World Records


How A Joke Become One Of The Biggest Online Events In 2019


How To Make 1M Selling Pixels


How One Viral Video Created The Foundation For 1B Shaving Company


How A Simple Website Got 50M Unique Users Within 10 Days


How The Most Offensive Card Game In The World Become The Best Selling One And Earned Millions


How To Collect 52M Likes On Instagram Within Days


How A 15-seconds Ad Made $135M In Earned Media


How A Bucket Of Ice Raised $220M Within 2 Months


How A SEO Tool Made $250k In 2 Weeks


How To Make $100k Within A Week Shipping Glitter


How An Unknown Rapper Become A Worldwide Phenomenon Within Months


How A Card Game Made Over $8M Within A Month


How To Use A Blender To Reach Millions Of People Within Days


How A Simple Mobile Game Got 50M Downloads And Started Earning $50k/Day


How An App Collected 1M Users Before Launch


The Blair Witch Project

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