Sparring Partner // founders coaching // strategy

Who is it for:

  • CEO 
  • Founder of SMB and start-up


250€ per hour 


LBk Consulting - Laura Bokobza

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My latest assignments:

  • ABM Strategy Recommendations (Account-Based Marketing)
  • Deployment of the marketing, communication and customer service action plan after diagnosis and complete review: formalization of processes, support for teams in increasing digital skills, drafting of editorial and editorial charters, establishment of editorial and marketing committees, governance product, business participation in the CRM project identified as a priority in the diagnosis, etc.
  • Production of a Business Model Canvas for the launch of a new activity
  • Positioning, value proposition, business model, pricing, business plan, commercialization marketing (documentation, website, etc.), structuring of front-client operations (tools, client service) for the launch of SaaS B2B software
  • CAB analysis (feature, advantage, benefit) and go-to-market marketing (editorial, distribution channels)
  • Strategic marketing positioning and creation of operational marketing elements (website – tree structure, iconographic intention, photo research, brief and organization of photo shoots, editorial content), marketing marketing materials, site editorial line and social networks, site editorial planning and social networks, etc.)
  • Structuring of offers and customer journeys
  • Management of all Marketing and Comm aspects of an offer launch (definition of offers, naming, targets, key messages, customer journey, editorial, relational marketing, etc.)
  • Interim Manager – Director of Communication
  • Review of perimeters and "global/local" processes and improvement of the efficiency of marketing / communication activities
  • Marketing and commercial strategy – redesign of offers (structure and pricing), commercial animation, organizational and process impacts
  • Review of the functional architecture of front and back tools for a better match to offers and improved customer journeys for faster growth
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