Landing Page Copywriting

We provide landing page copywriting services that increase conversion rates for SaaS businesses 

Who is it for:

B2B and B2C SaaS business owners who are on growth mode and looking to optimize their landing page as an acquisition channel to get more users.

What results can you expect:

The average increase in conversion rates is around 17-21% on landing pages. The highest we have achieved is a 200% increase

The process & delivery time:

I have a 5 step landing page system that we have designed while working with other SaaS businesses. Here's the brief skeleton 

The process:

Delivery time

  • Step 1: Define your audience 
  • Step 2: Do a competitor analysis
  • Step 3: Figuring out positioning strategy
  • Step 4: Defining your solution
  • Step 5: Developing your brand voice

1 Week

  • Step 6: Writing the Landing Page copy

2nd Week

  • Step 7: Editing + wireframe + Handover

3rd Week


Price for each landing page copy: 1499 USD 


MarketCurve LLC

Portfolio: click here


"Shounak’s attention to detail was very impressive. He kept me in the loop all along."

"Shounak displays a clear passion for both consumer psychology and for his work in general. As a trained lawyer, he brings a keen eye to everything from devising marketing campaigns to designing landing pages, all at a competitive rate.” 

"He was very collaborative and did extensive research. We immediately saw an increase in our landing page conversions"

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