Food Marketing Labs

Learn The Psychology & Strategies
Behind Why People Buy 
And Market Like McDonald’s And $100,000,000 Food Businesses

Sell more, sell smarter, sell faster! Use 300+ tactics & hacks McDonald’s, Chipotle, and Starbucks use to get more customers and build your own die-hard fanbase

How does it work?

Among our clients are the best marketing companies in the world

McDonald’s, Chipotle, Kelloggs, Starbucks are $100,000,000+ empires built by hacking into people’s minds to buy their items and adore them 

What many restaurant owners don’t know is that these behemoth world-class food businesses aren’t doing anything special 

You just need to know about the secret tactics and you can easily implement them in your restaurant and food business to gain more customers and more money 

Best of all: it isn’t difficult or costly to do it. 

Because the secret is...

The real reason why people buy things is often hidden deep in psychology and in the unconscious parts of our brains.

All the biggest food brands in the world know this and have built empires by using these tactics.

And now so can YOU!

Hold my lemonade...

Every hack is presented as a simple sketch for better recollection and understanding. And includes examples of how each tactic is used by real life restaurants and businesses. 

The package also includes an online Flashcard Game!

Say goodbye to boring, lousy studying.
Say good morning, to gamified learning experience!

Timeless Principles
Rules of digital marketing change every year
On the other hand,
these principles evolved through millions of years of evolution
And it will likely take at least another million to change

  • How is McDonalds able to make their Travis Scott collaboration so attractive it pushed millions of people to fear missing out (FOMO) on the limited burger, while others hear crickets?

  • How is Chipotle able to make you feel like they are your perfect match, while others make you lose your self-respect?
  • What makes us keep coming back to certain food businesses out of pure, whole-hearted craving?

✅ Stop depending on costly advertising or aggressive messaging.

✅ Promote your food business the way people feel it's made full of love, exactly for them.

✅ Build a food business that people fall in love with and want to get matching tattoos with them.

There's a vast ocean of marketing tips & tricks, courses and their gurus, but very few that really focus on the food industry.

No one talks about how the top food brands in the world make people buy and love their products. And that is going to change.

What you will get:

Access to online database of 150 cognitive biases, principles & models that control our decisions:

✅ 300+ already-proven techniques you can use RIGHT AWAY to double your number of customers

✅ Behavioral science presented in a concise format demonstrating how you make and influence decisions

✅ Every bias, principle & model presented as a sketch - because we all know well the Picture is worth a thousand words - Picture Superiority Effect

? The biggest, the best companies in the world aren't technological. They are psychological companies presented as technological ones

If you're a restaurant marketer, food entrepreneur, restaurant owner, or ghost kitchen operator - this knowledge should be your fundamental, strategic necessity!

You can either waste 5 years of your life trying to figure out everything on your own.
Or you can achieve the same results within months by learning from science-backed psychology behind the best companies in the world.

Cost of Psychology master's degree: $100,000+
Cost of behavioral economics consultancy: $6,000+

Upgrade your business for the price of 7x Ultimate Pepperoni Feast:

Food Marketing Labs
(Also known as "Brainiac")

$237  $97

One-time Payment

  • Online Airtable Database of 140+ Cognitive Biases, Principles & Models
  • 150+ Sketches of Cognitive Biases, Principles & Models
  • 280+ actional tips and use cases
  • Lifetime Updates

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Food Marketing Labs and Ultimate Food Marketing Rolodex? 

Food Marketing Labs, in my opinion, is a collection of fundamental, strategic principles every restaurant owner, marketer, designer, and copywriter should be aware of. It's like with driving your car. You have to learn the principles before getting on the road. 

Ultimate Food Marketing Rolodex is a complementary product that frames these biases right into the real world.

What's the difference between this platform and many other?

I haven't yet found a place like this one, that's why I've created it.
All the other places I've come across, offered only a fraction of useful details regarding psychology in restaurant business. And most of them considered the success of the business or campaign to the sheer luck

Is this the final product?

Nope. I still consider this platform, the way it looks, works, provides as a very early stage startup.
Call it MVP if you want ;)

Will prices stay the same?

As the platform expands, providing more and more value the prices will increase as well. They are still quite low at the moment.

Wilson K Lee is a serial entrepreneur and restaurant business coach. He has helped thousands of restaurant owners and entrepreneurs create explosive Food & Beverage businesses through his coaching, consultations, and Youtube channel of 50,000+ subscribers.

Wilson’s teachings are based on years spent in the industry building multi-million dollar businesses, including his own international dessert chain ( with locations spanning the globe.

Since his franchise was acquired (2020) it’s been his mission to share this knowledge with people those who have great ideas, but just can’t seem to break through. He’s also been awarded Top 30 Under 30, Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Top 10 Emerging Entrepreneurs, and recently a Forbes Business Council Member. 

Hello there!
I'm Michal and I'm the highest marketing priest of this website.

This platform ethos in 5 steps: 

  1. I believe life is too short and valuable to waste years using ineffective marketing methods when you could get the same results within months or weeks. 

  2. We create our products providing only the smartest, science-backed, and already-proven techniques, to show you how the most creative companies in the world did it. 

  3. We provide this information in the simplest terms to let anyone use it.

  4. Many competing products provide artificial solutions to address companies' or personal insecurities, rather than helping them embrace their own awesomeness.
  5. We think you are awesome and our products are designed the way to help you build your business to fully express yourself in an authentic and creative way.

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