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From AI Novice 
To Producing 4X More Content Using IA Tools
Within The Next 10 Minutes

Ship 10X faster, Sell more, Sell faster
using ChatGPT & Midjourney step-by-step mini Guides,
45 MEGA Prompts and 800+ Reference Sheets

Our products are LOVED by Founders and Marketers!

Over 1,000+ companies increased their sales with us!
Among our clients are people from the best companies in the world

AI FOMO is real!
Feeling left behind? 

AI boom is moving at the same or even higher speed than the the dot com bubble of the late 1990s.

For comparison, these 2 photos were generated by AI using the same prompt.

1 year ago


Has your competition already started using AI?

AI won't replace your job.
People who use AI, will...

"Safe jobs" from a year ago, now are being replaced by AI tools and prompts.

We can all agree this is just crazy...

Wouldn’t it be easier for you, to start using AI (not the next month, but in the NEXT 10 MINUTES) make 5X more content in the next 3 days, make your customers happy and earn the hard cash along the way?! 

So...what's the product?

  • ChatGPT mini guides showcasing ONLY the most important aspects
  • 45+ ChatGPT MEGA Prompts - Highest quality prompts generating 
  • Midjourney mini guides showcasing ONLY the most important aspects
  • 800+ Midjourney reference sheets, to let you generate high-quality graphics in seconds

What it's not?

  • It's not a course - most online courses suck and leaves you with even more questions.
  • This cheatsheet helps you make money, FAST

This is how it looks:

These are the ChatGPT Mega Prompts you've been looking for:
(If the Prompt doesn't load refresh the website)

Midjourney reference sheets (you'll get 800+ more of these):

But, you're telling me people are offering 100s of prompts for FREE?!

Yeah, like this one below, right?

"Generate 10 business ideas for e-commerce"

I'll let you be the judge.

  • Copy/Paste to ChatGPT this prompt and the Prompt above
  • Compare the results

What people say about our products:

Elaine Puma - Digital Media Strategist

For marketers, it’s like having the keys to the kingdom. It’s all here, all the biases and behaviors that people *really* buy. 

Here you’ll find real-world examples of why certain biases work and how to use them in your marketing efforts. Decoded terminology that is easy to understand and case studies for impactful results.

I'm the biggest fan of this place! I use these techniques in my work all the time. This place have something totally unique that brands need.

Gediminas Ulbikas - Managing Director

Kickstart Side Hustle is an irreplaceable tool for Entrepreneurs and Growth Hackers and I love every part of it!

I am big fan of lists and structurized data. With KSH I don't have to remember every thing in my head.

Whenever I need some out of the box ideas - I just go through the lists. It saves time, a ton of it.

Michal goes extra mile and provides summary of most important news, ideas, methods in digital space. And the flashcards! I greatly appreciate the insights and value

Utibe Asanwana - Info-Product copywriter

I'm really loving Brainiac. It's like I suddenly have superpowers! It allows me to charge more for my copywriting services!

Thank youuu for taking action, creating such amazingness and sharing it 💯🥂

Cost of high-quality graphic designer: $6,000+ per month
Cost of a copywriter + SEO consultant + marketing strategist: $15,000+ per month

Upgrade your business for the price of 3x "Honey Almondmilk Flat White" per month:

AI Founder

$129  $0.95/week

$49 Pay Yearly

  • ChatGPT Mini Guides
  • ChatGPT 45+ MEGA Prompts
  • Midjourney Mini Guides
  • Midjourney 800+ pieces of reference sheets

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with our platform after giving it an honest try, just email us at

  • within 30 days after your purchase
  • before you spend more than 2h on our platform

Your refund will be on its way before you get to say "refund" and wait a few hours...

We want to make the whole experience as smooth as it's possible - a no-brainer decision, as you might call it.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need it for? Be honest.

AI Founder started out of AI FOMO.
I just wanted to create a cheat sheet for myself to become proficient at using AI.

Now, I'm using this page every single day.
Tasks that took me up to 3 hours now take 20 minutes...

But there are free prompts out there!

I've been there.
I've been one of these guys collecting cheat sheets of 500 prompts.

Did I use any of these prompts?
I did and the outputs sucked. Big time. 

I wish there was a better way. 
I created this place for my own selfish reasons - I just wanted to be good at AI.

But ChatGPT outputs are mediocre!

Yes, they are. 
Whenever you're using one of these 1-2 sentences prompts.

Try the prompt mentioned above and let me know if it's any better.

Is this the final product?

Nope. I'm updating AI Founder on a monthly basis.

Will prices stay the same?

If you buy today yearly access, your prices will stay the same forever. 
There are still people in the community that supported my project at its beginnings. They will keep paying the initial price of $15~/year forever 

As for the normal prices, they will go up again a few times. As the platform expands, providing more and more value the prices will increase as well. They are still quite low at the moment. For the $12.5/month you can get 2 coffees at Starbucks

Why are you doing this to me? 

Say whaat?

Never run out of creative marketing ideas

"Challenge the complete laziness that is marketing today"
- Seth Godin

Michal Kankowski

Hello there!
I'm Michal, the highest marketing priest of this website.

This platform ethos in 5 steps: 

Stop Wasting Your Time 

I believe life is too short and valuable to waste years using ineffective marketing methods when you could get the same results within months or weeks. 

Stop The Guesswork

We create our products providing only the smartest, science-backed, and already-proven techniques, to show you how the most creative companies in the world did it. 

Simple is better than complex

We provide this information in the simplest terms to let anyone use it.

Stop with artificial solutions

Many competing products provide artificial solutions to address companies' or personal insecurities, rather than helping you embrace your own awesomeness.

Embrace your own awesomeness

We think you are awesome and our products are designed the way to help you build your business to fully express yourself in an authentic and creative way.

If you feel like DMing me, do it on Twitter

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